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This site is intended to be a forum for people who have donated a kidney, are thinking of donating a kidney, or know and or love someone who has donated a kidney. Basically, this site is about two things: people and kidneys. I started this site because once I decided I was going to donate my kidney to someone I realized I didn't know a single other person in my position. I didn't know anyone who had donated a kidney, I didn't know anyone who was in the process of donating a kidney and I didn't know anyone who had even thought about donating a kidney. Until, by chance, I was sitting in the waiting area of a salon in the city where I live when a woman next to me just happened to pick up a newspaper that was a few months old from the coffee table in front of us and ask if she could take that newspaper because it had an article about kidney donation and she had donated a kidney. What are the odds? She was kind enough to entertain my numerous questions and even went so far as to show me her scar. I realized then how helpful it would be to have people I could talk to about this experience. I started looking into this and I realized there really weren't any support groups or websites for donors who want to talk to donors. So, Carolina Kidney Connection was born.

The purpose of this site is to create a connection, a network of people, who can answer questions, offer support and raise awareness about living donations. If you are thinking about donating, my hope is that this website will give you resources and people you can connect with and ask questions to. If you are in the process of donating, then may this site be an opportunity for you to connect with like minded individuals and people who have traveled this path before. And if you just love someone who donated or will donate, maybe this site will give you some more insight into why the person you care about has made this choice.

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Donate in Honor of Colie to the National Kidney Foundation !!

HI everyone,

Nicole recently did the most amazing thing by donating a kidney, and I thought it would be nice to show her how much we love and support her by setting up a team to donate money in her name back to the Kidney Foundation. Please join me in making a donation on behalf of Nicole to help continue the fight against kidney disease.

Love to all,

Mary Ann DuPre'


Colie’s Journey to Donation